The mission of the C&S Railway society is to Restore, Preserve, and Acquire articles of Colorado & Southern Railroad heritage.

The Colorado & Southern Railway Society has been founded by a group of Colorado Railroaders who have experience working on Steam Railroads in Colorado. Our goal is to educate others about this trade and way of life as well as preserve historic items of the Colorado & Southern Railway. our primary focus in carrying out this mission is to seek out C&S railroad equipment and restore it to operational capability according to FRA standards for historic narrow gauge equipment. our philosophy of preservation is that operational capability represents the highest level of preservation. Our current project is the C&S Caboose 1006, which was built as DSP&PRR waycar 73 in 1880. Caboose 1006 represents a unique representation as it remains in relatively complete condition from the time the C&S abandoned it in 1939. Our goal in this current project is to restore the caboose to operational condition as close to its C&S design specifications as possible.

the Caboose is the property of the Town of Silver Plume CO, and it is with their remarkable cooperation that we are carrying out this project in their Town shop. Our work sessions are listed on the calendar found on this website.